Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Twenty-Twooooooooo.

1.  Achilles insults Hector by refusing to give Hectors body back if he dies.  Achilles refuses to give Hector an honorable funeral.

2.   Hector runs away from Achilles and shows fear. Hector also stays out Troy.

3.  Gods can change the life of humans. Zeus was thinking about changing Achilles life until Athena said not too.

4.  I don't think the body was treated with respect. Only when Achilles had a change of heart and gave him back and had Hector cleaned up after being dragged.

5.  I think that the feelings of Priam was put in to show how much pain and grief they were going though.

Book Six.

1. Hector does not want to be a sally so he keeps fighting.

2. His wife becomes a slave.

3) Hector believes that everybody who's born has a fate that is already determined. They can't do anything about it they just have to go along with it.

4) Hector likes who he is. He also wants his son to be greater then he ever was.

5) I feel Hector is more of a god than Achilles. Hector fights the way things are supposed to happen and isn't a dirty fighter.

Questions.. & Hector.

1. In my opinion Achilles has changed . In the begging he only thought of himself and was a worrier where as at the end he becomes more caring and not such a jerk.

2. My feelings are more for Priam. Achilles made him have to work for his son back. He should of just got him back from he start.

3. Achilles feelings show when he gives Hector back to Priam. He has them clean him up and take him back. He also give Tory 12 days to grieve the death Hector.

4. The Greeks think you are born with a cretin fate and they have to live with it.  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Questions 1-5

1. Athena tells Achilles not to kill Agamemnon.
2. I think that they are both to blame for the conflict.
3. You learn that even though they are on the same side, Achilles is evil.
4. Athena is popular with both the gods and the mortals.
5. There is a war.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parable of the Prodigal Son


This is the story of some real unconditional love. A guys son goes out & spends all the inheritance he was given early all will nilly  on hookers & what not. Then his father takes him back & gives him a party.

Book of Ruth


This is story is about a lady named Ruth. She gave up a lot for her family. yup.