Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Twenty-Twooooooooo.

1.  Achilles insults Hector by refusing to give Hectors body back if he dies.  Achilles refuses to give Hector an honorable funeral.

2.   Hector runs away from Achilles and shows fear. Hector also stays out Troy.

3.  Gods can change the life of humans. Zeus was thinking about changing Achilles life until Athena said not too.

4.  I don't think the body was treated with respect. Only when Achilles had a change of heart and gave him back and had Hector cleaned up after being dragged.

5.  I think that the feelings of Priam was put in to show how much pain and grief they were going though.

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  1. Nice job catching up with your blog postings for the Iliad. I look forward to your college essay.

    Ms. R